Friday, 23 August 2013

Useful Links for Job Opportunities and Internships in Korea

This is a non-exhaustive list of websites that contain job opportunities and information for foreigners in Korea.

Having been through the process and now working in HR I realized that there are multiple sources to find job information in Korea and to help those who like me only a few years ago was searching for that one internship opportunity I thought I could share what I know.

Job Websites 
PeoplenJob (  
Seoul Professionals (
Craiglist (
Seoul Global Center (
Kopra (  

Company Career Websites 
Samsung Careers - 
LG (Korean) - 
Hanwha (Korean) - 
Doosan (Korean) - 
Lotte (Korean) - 
SK Telecom - 

University Websites 
Yonsei Korean Language institute Job Board - 
SNU Graduate School of International Studies - 
Sogang Freeboard - 
Korea University - 

Austcham Korea -
Amcham Korea -
EuroCham Korea - 
Linkedin Seoul - 
Internations - 
Korea Business Central - 

Happy job hunting!

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