Thursday, 19 December 2013

Job opportunity for Kpop fans with English gossip news site - KPop Planet

Kpop Planet recently posted this advertisement for Korean speaking English natives to work as translators and reporters for the Kpop news site.

Here is a translated version of the opportunity below

Please do not contact me in relation to this job opportunity! I am simply just reposting information.

[Kpop Planet] Calling all Kpop fans! Looking for Korean to English translator and journalist

Visit the site here:

Job Description
Media scanning of Korean articles relating to Kpop and translating these articles to english for the Kpop Planet site. There will also be chances to interview Kpop stars and report on concerts and press conferences.

This position is located in Seoul

• Advanced Korean with Native level fluency in English
• Excellent Korean to English translation skills
• Knowledge of Kpop groups and fansites and the ability to relate to the target audience of Kpop fans.

How to apply
Please send your CV in Korean to If you have any question, please send an email to the email address above. Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.

Hurry! applications close on the 22nd of Dec 2013

Visit my previous post to find out how to write a Korean CV!


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