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Lexis Korea - Korean Language Program Review

Lexis Korea (

One of the only Korean language providers located in the heart of Gangnam and one of the few programs hosted outside of a university as a result Lexis Korea has a lot more flexibility when it comes to schedule, price and course options

What foreigners say: Those who have attended this academy have all given good testimonials. It provides more flexibility, you can join and leave courses when you want and you can pay weekly. The running times favour more the professional worker / english teacher as does the location in the heart of Gangnam.

Cost: One of the only locations where you can pay weekly and also do not need to commit to any long term study.

Intensive Korean Course (Full-time)  KRW 295,000 per week
Intensive Korean Course (Part-time) KRW 200,000 per week
Evening Korean Course (Beginner)  (M/W/F) KRW 150,000 per week
Evening Korean Course (Advanced) (T/T) KRW 100,000 / per week

The evening course at 150,000 per week is the best value and perfect for any Korean language student working in Gangnam or in the area who does not have the time to attend a full time university Korean program.

Living: Located in the heart of Gangnam, the well known entertainment district means that living near lexis Korea does come at a premium. Student living in the direct area is hard to come by and also very costly. Studio apartments near gangnam station will demand usually a 10,000,000 KRW Key Money and around 700,000 KRW monthly rent (or more). Gangnam has a plethora of restaurants, bars and nightclubs and is jam packed everyday of the week with a mix of office workers, students (attending English academies) and tourists. There is also plenty of local and nearby shopping with CoEx mall only a short trip away. The famous food street Garosugil is also nearby as are many other attractions located in the most expensive district in Seoul.

If Gangnam is too pricey to live in then there are plenty of housing options further along line 2 subway such as Bongchon and SNU station, a short 15 - 20minute subway ride and at a much more affordable price check another review to find out more about the area.

Lexis Korea also provides a housing service to help students find housing to fit there budget. They can provide relatively cheap housing in nearby study apartments which although small will be the most economical way to live near the campus.

Student Body: Very diverse, the flexibility in times, fees and location has given the school a very diverse student body and a larger proportion of European / American learners. There is also a strong presence of office workers and english teachers which will provide good networking opportunities and information to nearby jobs.

Atmosphere: Lexis is housed in a commercial building and run like an english academy so it does not have the university feel. No real campus and no real identity, however many students are not there for long and are very keen to go around and explore Seoul, combine this with the office workers and it's a weird mix of business / fun.

Culture / Job Opportunities: Lexis arguably provide the best out of school excursions and cultural experience. Using there knowledge of the English market they have wisely combined classes to include travel excursions all around Korea. They also provide cooking classes, classes based on drama and a wide range of different opportunities. The school has a large professional / English teacher population and this should provide opportunities to find work - if not lexis runs it's own study and work program for prospective intern students looking to get work experience during their short stay in Korea,

The Sawons Rating:


4 / 5 Sojus

It is good to see that Korean language is becoming more accessible outside of the university monopoly. Schools like Lexis have positioned themselves to provide the whole experience - developing travel programs, interesting classes, extra curricular activities and good support services including housing and work-study programs. For the long term learner it might not be the best choice but for a professional working in Korea, and english teacher or a summer student with a limited time budget then it's hard to go past Lexis Korea - the flexibility comes at a slight cost but it is providing such a range of options that other university courses just don't supply.

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  1. Hello!

    I'm currently an undergraduate student in the US, however I will be receiving my BS in just a few short months. I've been wanting to study in Korea for quite a few years now, and I was able to attend a short summer program for about a month last year in Incheon. I'm very interested in going back to Korea after I graduate to finish learning the language, so I've been reading your reviews for the various language programs that are offered to foreign students.

    My question to you is, was there any type of financial aid, grants, or scholarships available in any of the programs you attended? Or have you heard of any being offered? Unfortunately, college in America is ridiculously expensive, even with aid. And personally, I would find it very difficult to pay for school and accommodations without being able to work as well.


    1. In terms of Korean Language Programs most universities will not offer scholarships per se, rather they will offer a reimbursement of tutition fees based on your performance / length of study. For example Yonsei will reimburse up to 50% of the fees after one term for outstanding results (generally you will need to be in the top3 for the level) - More traditional scholarships are offered by Universities, Korean Govt and from US-Korea organisations but they generally focus on students in regular academic courses. I can comment much on America - Korea foundations but I am sure there is a few fellowships set up that aim to promote Korean culture and Korea language learning. Try contacting the US Embassy in Korea or a Korean Cultural Centre in the US;

  2. Hi for adults over 30 would Lexis be the ideal choice? For long term (6 months to a year) which school or academy would you recommed? really need your help choosing..thanks

  3. Hey^^

    Would you say that Lexis is "less" serious comparing to other universities? Is it more about the "fun" part and less study? I'm afraid I will spend on all the money and it will be more about the fun activities than the actual studying .....

    Tnx in advance! :)